Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nordic appetite

Hi, all! It's good to meet you again with some patterns! :-)

I basically really like prints and patterns. These blazer and skirt are both my very favorites. I matched them for a casual, yet a bit exotic look for the office. It gave me some youthfulness and fun I wanted. What do ya think?

JACKET:: Forever 21
SKIRT:: Unknown*** (similar here and here)
LEG WARMERS:: A piece from our 
local manufacturer*
SHOES:: Unknown*** (similar here and here)

***I think I need to explain here why I don't always put brand names of most of my clothes. We don't have all the brand shops here in my country, we have fashion malls with rented counters where they sell clothes from China, Korea etc, from their brands which are not very familiar(at least to me, so I suppose not familiar to other countries). So I seldom buy clothes from internationally known brands, and those I put in my posts.

Hope you enjoyed the patterns!! See you next time! :-)


The Fashion Miner


  1. You look lovely!



    1. Thank you, dear! ;-) I love your blog, too! Keep it going, girl!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! It's so nice to hear that :-))