Thursday, February 12, 2015

My first ever post!

Hi, everyone! I just started this blog to share my passion, discoveries and ideas of how a girl/woman can coordinate and pull a look together for every occasion in her life. I will mainly present my ideas of my everyday looks, and might be putting some news and highlights from the Fashion World.

I called my blog a ‘Fashion Mine’, cause I feel like there are endless possibilities of styles and inspirations in this world that one can never be fed up with or dig everything out. The fashion world is a Mine and I am the Miner. Your Fashion Miner is here to serve you :-)

You can also consider my blog as a Fashion Mine, as I will dig out and pour all of my passion for fashion and my ideas and inspirations into this blog. Who knows, this blog could become your source of inspiration for a more Stylish and Happier YOU.

So, here comes my first suggestion of a casual, girlish, free-style outfit. You can wear it for shopping, girls meet-up, fitness etc. Just beware that Mickey mouse and the little cat won’t start a fight ;-)



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