Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lunar New Year

As you may know, we celebrated our Lunar New Year on 19th of February. It's the traditional New Year of few Asian countries such as China, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam etc. According to the Lunar calendar, the Horse year has ended and the Sheep year has arrived. It promises us Peace, Tranquility and luck to those who is involved in creative professions such as fashion, plantation, agriculture and textiles. They say that 'any undertaking that is tackled with passion and joy is guaranteed to succeed'.

Which means, I need to continue my blog in more inspired manner, right? :)

Well, I just wanted to give you some clue about our traditional costume, so that we only wear it on these special occasions. It has many varieties, and this is just one type of it. This is how I looked during the celebration:
 This is the very basic style of our costume called DEEL. Mongolians wore it daily, all year around. It's warm, comfortable, practical and can be stylish too, depending on the color and material.
 Me trying to dance our traditional dance :)
If you want a piece with a detail of Mongolian deel - I suggest you to get it from our designer Bayarmaa's  collection MONGOL that was presented on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year.

  SO,here comes my second look, a woolen two-piece with traditional patterns. This one's a more modern type and we wear it on traditional celebrations and events, as well as on normal days, at work etc.
Many of our brands, such as Gobi Cashmere, Goyo Cashmere, Altai Cashmere, make it from cashmere and wool.

And this was my outer look. First day of the Sheep year was so kind and warm, it allowed me to enjoy my  French Connection coat.
French connection coat

 Hope you enjoyed this post and Wish you a great week ahead!


The Fashion Miner :)

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